Brooklyn witch Alyssa Milano

Bensonhurst is one of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. It is located in its southwestern part. The most notable fact about this section of the borough is that it was named after Arthur Benson. He was the president of the Brooklyn Union Gas Company and there is a stereotype that this part of Brooklyn belongs to the Italian mafia. There are many intriguing stories about this area. Also, a lot of interesting people were born and lived there, for example, Hollywood actress and singer Alyssa Milano. Learn more at

Italian ancestry

Alyssa was born on December 19, 1972. Her Italian-American family chose to live in a borough with a large Italian community. Thus, allowing the girl to grow up surrounded by Italian culture and language. Even though Bensonhurst is the subject of numerous criminal stories, Alyssa’s parents were not involved with the underworld. Mother Lin was a fashion designer and father Thomas worked in the film industry. He was a film music editor. The girl’s parents raised her in a creative atmosphere. 

Alyssa spent her school childhood in another borough of New York, Staten Island. The girl attended a Catholic church. Parents not only cultivated their daughter’s love for creativity but also the importance of religion and faith. 

Milano decided on her future profession in early childhood. One day, she and her parents went to Broadway. They were watching the famous and classic play, Annie. The performance of the actors impressed the little girl so much that she chose to become an actress once and for all. It was not her mother who took her to the first audition, but a nanny. As a child, Alyssa had a babysitter who dreamed of becoming an actress. It was she who took her for the audition for the musical Annie. After receiving the role of one of the orphans, Alyssa’s parents agreed with her choice and allowed her to perform. 

Her parts were small, although she herself was still a very young child. At the age of 8, Alyssa made her theater debut. Her first work was participation in the Tony Award, then the musical Jane Eyre. Her child’s filmography includes many theatrical works. They did not make Alyssa famous but became an excellent school of acting life.

Brooklyn, Hollywood, Japan

True fame and popularity came to Milano at the age of 11. She acted in the sitcom Who’s the Boss?. The role of Samantha Micelli made her famous all over the country. This part brought her family considerable income and they, already with a one-year-old actress’ younger brother Cory, moved to Hollywood. There, the career of the young actress took off significantly. 

In Hollywood, Alyssa faced huge competition. The capital of American film production simply abounded with a variety of little actresses who were as good as Alyssa. Despite this, she still had work, even if it were bit parts. So, she starred in the movie Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In Japan, this film was extremely successful. Not only did the movie’s box office increase but also the popularity of Alyssa as well. The Japanese really liked the girl’s voice. No one knows why. Thereafter, she began to receive offers to record music albums with the subsequent release in Japan. Milano agreed to such an unexpected proposition and became a true musical celebrity. From 1989 to 1992, five music albums were released in Japan. A million copies were sold in total. For some reason, Japanese teenagers liked Alyssa’s appearance and her musical talents. One of her albums was platinum. 

Perhaps the musical career in Japan would continue, but Alyssa lost interest in it. From the image of a cute girl, she went from being a rebellious teenager to a fatal beauty. She was no longer interested in teen pop music and listeners wanted to see something else.

Adult life

In the late 90s, Alyssa’s image changed drastically. She was no longer a sweet Brooklyn girl. Her appearance, her role and viewers’ attitude towards her have changed. 

Movies for viewers over 18 years old started to be released with the actress in them. The list of the most famous films for older audiences includes Embrace of the Vampire, Confessions of a sorority girl and Poison Ivy II: Lily. After shooting in movies where the body of Alyssa was openly sexualized, viewers began to see her differently.

In Hollywood, rumor had it that in 2000 she appeared completely naked to promote perfume. Whereas makers put condoms in perfume boxes. Therefore, this gossip caused a bad reputation for Alyssa. Nevertheless, the companies WB, Fox and the magazine Seventeen denied these whispers. No one presented any recordings or photos of that advertisement. Most likely, it was really speculation provoked by her immodest roles.

The gossip probably did not bother Milano much. As she later posed in a bikini for one magazine. Her colleague from the series Who’s the Boss? expressed his concern for her. Since such photo shoots could become another reason for tattles. However, the world of show business relies on gossip, rumors and talks. For an actor, there is nothing worse than being forgotten. Despite all the unpleasant rumors, they did not affect the career of Milano in any way. 


The filmography of the actress includes several good and successful roles. But the TV series Charmed brought her the greatest popularity. The role of Phoebe Halliwell, a witch with the power of premonition, gave her not just an impressive financial fortune but also global fame. The series Charmed was popular far beyond American TV. The first episode was released in 1998 and attracted over seven million viewers. The series, along with others, went down in history as the longest-running show with female protagonists. The last season was released in 2006. It was unable to rise to new rivals, TV shows Supernatural and Smallville. The CW channel decided to close the series. 

It was a big disappointment for fans and actors. But the career of Alyssa did not end on Charmed. Together with her co-star Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell, they launched a line of lingerie. 

Until 2013, Milano was no longer cast in major roles. She featured in the music video for the band Blink-182 and played supporting roles in TV series. The level of forfeited fame returned to her in 2013 when she appeared in the TV series Mistresses. She played the role of Savannah Davis for two years. After the birth of her daughter, she decided to leave the project. 

Alyssa Milano was married twice. She first married Cinjun Tate, who was a musician in the band Remy Zero. However, the marriage was not happy. 

In 2009, the woman made a match for the second time to sports agent David Bugliari. An interesting fact is that the girl did not dare to see the man. Her choice was influenced by her colleague and friend Milo Ventimiglia. Later, Alyssa named her son after Ventimiglia. Probably, if it was not for him, their union with Bugliari might not have happened. Now the couple has two children. Although in her youth, the actress had multiple abortions. In an interview, Milano admits she has no regrets about it. Back then, she was not ready for children at all.  

What else did we not know about Alyssa Milano?

Many people know Alyssa as a good actress, but there was more than just movies in her life. Milano was appointed ambassador for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases. Milano was concerned about this problem and even gave a large donation to the organization. Her job was to inform people about old and forgotten tropical diseases that still continue to endanger human health. In addition, she was a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund. Milano actively held various fundraising and AIDS education campaigns. So, to dispel one of the myths about this disease, she publically kissed an AIDS patient. Thus, she wanted to show that this retrovirus is not transmitted through saliva. 

Moreover, Alyssa Milano has been a vegetarian for many years and enthusiastically promotes this lifestyle. For example, for advertising vegetarianism, she appeared in a dress made of vegetables.

Perhaps the cutest fact about Milano is that our favorite Little Mermaid was drawn from Alyssa. If you look closer at the cartoon character, you can see her facial features.