Top 5 Things to Do in Brooklyn with Your Date

Ah, falling in love. The best time in a relationship, with butterflies fluttering in your stomach and everything around you seeming so surreal. People often want to preserve the memories of this time. There are many places and things in Brooklyn that are perfect for spending an unforgettable time with your date. So let’s go ahead and check out the top 5 things to do in Brooklyn if you’re in love. More at

Visit Coney Island

All New Yorkers and Brooklynites know about Coney Island. It’s a rabbit island, or rather a rabbit hole of entertainment.

Coney Island is located in the southernmost part of Brooklyn and is divided into four boroughs. But what romantic couples might find the most valuable attraction is the Riegelmann Boardwalk — a walkway with a magnificent view of the ocean and a lot of entertainment.

The Riegelmann Boardwalk is a great place for a first date or just another date night. A slow stroll, cotton candy, a cool drink and a selfie against the sunset. What else do lovers need?

But romance isn’t what it’s all about. Even if the peak of your romantic relationship is long gone, Coney Island still has some value as a date spot. Take, for example, the New York Aquarium. A dolphin show would be a great option for a date. It’s not just romantic but also educational. When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, surprising your partner isn’t easy. And a dolphin show is definitely not a boring date option. This is something to remember for a long time.

If you feel like grabbing something to eat after the show, you should visit a snack bar on Surf Avenue. Take part in a hot dog eating contest or just have a delicious meal to have enough energy for the rides.

Coney Island is virtually synonymous with amusement rides. The main attraction is the Ferris wheel. It’s a great place for a loving couple. Spend some time with just your date for a company in a private booth 147 feet above the ground to share a kiss or tender words. What could be more romantic than that?

Have a Picnic in Louis Valentino, Jr. Park

The most well-known fact about this park is that it’s the only place in New York City with the best frontal view of the Statue of Liberty from land. This makes Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier very attractive to tourists and romantic couples. Everyone should visit this place at least once. It can even become special. A free view of the main New York landmark and great vibes. All this will help impress a girl. But it’s not all about the view.

The park itself is a great place for a walk. Louis Valentino, Jr. was a native of Brooklyn. His name was immortalized this way as a sign of gratitude for heroically rescuing people from a burning building. Louis was a firefighter. Unfortunately, these days few people know about the sad story of Louis Valentino, Jr.

The perfect green field leading to the pier is a great place for a picnic. A basketful of food, a soft blanket, light drinks and a nice conversation. After a drink, romantic couples should enjoy the works of street art. Including a mural by Chris Soria.

Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier is a popular outing spot for Brooklynites. But all New Yorkers should know and remember it. Enjoy some street art, have a picnic, or maybe even go fishing. Why not? A loving couple can have a great time fishing from the pier.

Buy a Romantic Souvenir at a Flea Market

Moments and time spent together are always more valuable than gifts. But there is a special kind of things that complete your relationship. More often than not, they are small items, something inexpensive but meaningful. If you need this kind of relationship memento, go to a flea market. Brooklyn is home to one of the largest flea markets in the city.

Here, you can find something vintage, expensive and valuable. Or you can discover something affordable but meaningful. A small trinket that will always remind you of the romantic period of your relationship. Maybe a pair of bracelets, a painting, or your special song record.

Flea markets are places to find something that’s not just unique but also has a story to tell. The whole world has long been all about recycling and reusing. Second-hand clothes and used furniture from a flea market have been trendy and coveted for a while now.

Speaking of furniture. When lovers move into a small apartment near Prospect Park, it’s at the flea market that they can find furniture at a low price. You might find beautiful interior items. Brooklyn made sure that both new couples that just started dating and those who have already moved to another stage of their relationship feel comfortable here.

Try Brooklyn Amusement Park Rides

Along with the Ferris wheel and the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn amusement park is a landmark not only in the borough but in the entire New York City. Some might say that plastic horses and boats are for children. But who, as an adult, doesn’t wish they could go back to childhood at least for a little while? To feel like that carefree kid enjoying cotton candy and riding a carousel.

Brooklyn is a perfect place for this because there are not one but two carousels.

The carousel in Prospect Park was built back in 1912. Its creator was a Russian-Jewish immigrant and the most famous carousel manufacturer of the time. That’s probably why it exudes royal chic. The carousel in Prospect Park is one of a dozen surviving works by Carmel.

To make the plastic horses look natural and lifelike, Charles Carmel often visited the stables of Prospect Park. He painted them brightly, creating the new Coney Island style. It later became the hallmark of Brooklyn.

There are as many as 53 horses on the Prospect Park carousel, so those on a date won’t have to wait long for a free seat. And it’s not just horses you can ride there.

But unfortunately, due to the carousel’s operating schedule, from Thursday to Sunday, lovers should plan their date in advance. You can’t try the carousel any time but it can be a great place for a planned date. It’s also inexpensive. The fare is $2.

Another Brooklyn carousel is Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was installed in 1922 but previously had a different place of residence, in Ohio. In addition to the standard entertainment in the form of riding plastic horses round and round, it offers a magnificent view of Manhattan and the East River. Unlike the carousel in Prospect Park, Jane’s is open all week except Monday. This is why the ride is a great option for an unplanned date. So the thing that all lovers need to do is to ride one of the Brooklyn carousels.

Grab a Snack at Brighton Open Market

Restaurants with a few Michelin stars are perhaps the classic option for a romantic date. Although it’s hard to have a bonding experience sitting in a pretentious restaurant with well-trained staff separated by a table covered with a fancy tablecloth. Having a snack while talking and walking is another matter. Street food carts are plentiful in New York. The frantic rhythm of the city forces people to eat on the go. But if you want to treat your soulmate to something unusual and at the same time, not spend three months’ rent on a meal, you should go to the Brighton Open Market.

Everyone knows Brighton Beach as a place with the largest Russian-speaking community in New York. But that’s not all.

The Brighton Open Market is a teleport that takes you from the most populous borough of New York City to Eastern Europe. Ukrainian borscht? Easy. Flavorful and crunchy Lithuanian bread? No problem. Polish pierogi? Get two, you can’t go wrong.

And it’s hard to decide on drinks. Homebrew beer or kvass? The Brighton Open Market has long been a place of refuge for all immigrants from the former Soviet Union. No matter what part of New York you live in, you can always come to Brighton Beach and eat a dressed herring salad.

Here, a loving couple can easily grab a bite while contemplating the foods with weird Russian names.

For lovers, there are several options for a walk through the Brooklyn Open Market. You can eat on the go while looking at the shop windows, or pick up various delicacies and have a picnic on the waterfront. The choice is yours. Brooklyn only offers hints.