Top stress-relieving practices for Brooklynites

Unfortunately, nowadays no one can avoid stress. We experience various problems at work and family difficulties. All this may happen to anyone. For some people, stress becomes an everyday life partner. Constant exposure to stressful situations can harm mental health. However, psychologists have developed several methods and practices for overcoming them. Read more on

Yoga classes

Yoga is one of the most ancient and time tested ways to achieve relaxation. Regular practice allows one to keep the body in good shape. Each asana activates certain muscles. That is why many consider yoga a sport only. However, it is valuable because of maintaining mental health.

People who regularly practice yoga observe how they become calmer and more focused on themselves and their inner world. Asanas require concentration and balance.

Stress never comes alone. Against its background, a person may experience insomnia, migraine and bad mood. There are certain asanas aimed at eliminating such problems.

Brooklynites who decide to try yoga don’t have to go anywhere. There are numerous yoga studios in their borough.

Prospect Heights has a very cozy studio for practicing yoga and more. Locals know it as Brooklyn’s smallest and greenest neighborhood. Therefore, after class, one can take a walk through the nice streets. Fans of ancient architecture will be fond of the 19th-century houses located here.

If Northwest Brooklyn isn’t fit for you, what about Southeast Brooklyn? Bay Ridge also has its yoga studio. Moreover, its geographical location allows you to take a walk on the embankment with a cup of coffee after class and organize your thoughts. Ocean air and the scandalous Verrazano Bridge provide a great way to finish the class.

Another district with yoga studios is Williamsburg. Although this area is not well known for their presence. Williamsburg is home to a large Jewish diaspora, including Orthodox Jews Hasids. The streets of Williamsburg became locations of the Unorthodox series. Still, numerous different nationalities have lived in Williamsburg throughout history. Only in 1930, the elite population of this district started to be displaced by Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi oppression in Europe.


Not everyone is able to regularly run in the park or go to the gym. It is challenging, especially if a person is stressed and depressed. At such moments, all thoughts are focused on an annoying object and it is extremely difficult to get distracted. However, jogging is the perfect activity to cope with stress.

In addition to the beneficial effect on the body as a whole, jogging also allows you to relieve tension. Regular jogging in the fresh air helps improve immunity, blood circulation in the brain and blood oxygenation. Mental health begins with good physical health.

Residents of Brooklyn are lucky because the borough has many green streets, a promenade and wide embankments. One can enjoy the breeze while jogging in such places. The most common place for jogging in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Bridge Park. Its 34 hectares area allows everyone to do the sport that suits their taste. Or one can just lie down on the beach or a green lawn.

Still, there are all the conditions for many sports here such as special jogging and cycling tracks and equipped sports grounds.

Bridge Park is also ideal for fans of race walking as it is famous for the panoramic views of Manhattan.

Personal diary

One can often hear the stereotype that diaries are for little girls only. Adults do not keep personal diaries. However, it is not so. Many adults keep them to record all their experiences. Psychologists recommend keeping a diary, especially when there is no one to talk to. It becomes a kind of an interlocutor or a friend. The classic was right when writing that paper endured everything.

A personal diary helps to film not only facts but also the emotions that we felt at one moment or another. Our memory keeps facts but not emotions and feelings. Still, we can save them forever with the help of a diary.

Along with all the advantages of keeping a personal diary, psychologists do not advise you to start it to record only negative events and emotions. This will not lead to the release of negative feelings but to their accumulation. This entails other negative consequences.

When keeping a diary, you should write down everything. Even the most insignificant events and days. Psychologists claim that keeping diaries is useful for people who do not know how to clearly structure their thoughts and express their feelings. In this way, a person will learn to express, understand and formulate them. First, it is done on soulless paper and then this practice may be introduced in life. It also contributes to the development of the creative side of a personality.

Some people consider keeping a diary as meditation. When writing down what happened during the day, you both organize your mind and relax. The tension at this moment is minimal. You just think over everything that happened and write it down. It does not last as long as a full-fledged meditation in the lotus position.

Pottery art

Any sport is a good example of releasing negative energy. Jogging, boxing and swimming help to cope with stress and anger, which often come together.

However, sport is not suitable for everyone. Some people are just too lazy to jog or learn asanas. They still can find help in other methods, for example, doing art. How about pottery? It’s a great way to deal with anxious thoughts and get distracted.

There are pottery studios in Sheepshead Bay. They offer everything needed to teach anyone who wants to become a potter. For a few hours, you will immerse yourself in the world of clay and peace. There you will be able to wash away all the negativity. Such monotonous and creative activities help some people to relax.

If you get hungry after pottery, you can always have a snack in one of the famous local sandwich establishments.

There are also potteries in the Sunset Park area. This is one of the largest cultural areas of the borough. Most of the borough’s creative studios are concentrated here. Creative people love this area for its rich cultural diversity and history.


Another way to get rid of stress and relax is visualization. This method is used both for relaxation and as a motivation for achieving goals. In this case, visualization serves as a way of relaxation by imagining some pleasant or soothing place and yourself in it. Simply put, you imagine yourself in a place that you associate with comfort and happiness. Maybe, you have been to such a place or dreamt of visiting it.

Visualization has its intricacies. To completely immerse in it, you must achieve total relaxation of the body. At the same time, the mind must remain active. You need to turn off all loud sounds and the phone and get into a comfortable position. You should feel absolute comfort.

Visualization relaxes both the body and the mind. It is also incredibly important. Most often, people imagine a calm sea, a blue sky with white and curly clouds, or an endless green field with a light warm breeze. These are standard images that almost everyone associates with relaxation and peace. You can choose any other place. In visualization, the main thing is not only to imagine the place itself but also all the details. Think about what the weather is like here and how you feel. If you are at the beach, try to feel if the sand is warm there, if the sun shines and the warm wind blowing, etc. The more details appear in your head, the more you will immerse yourself in the visualization. Then, you will be able to achieve complete relaxation.